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"I requested a custom from Kobe, with Arielle. Kobe was outstanding in keeping me informed of the status. I can't compliment Kobe and Arielle enough for how they shot the custom. They really understood the script and both girls were perfect in following it. The outfits and camera angles were excellent! I highly recommend a custom from Kobe!" - MZ

"Kobe was a sweetheart to work with! She understood the tone I was looking for in my custom and played the part the way I was looking for...and looked great while doing it. I'll definitely be requesting another one down the road."

"Kobe and Arielle were both awesome in the custom I requested and Kobe was great handling the request. They took the ideas from my mind and brought it into reality on the screen. If you want one of your own I'd highly recommend KobeCustoms."

"When I discovered Kobe Lee's custom video website, it was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. What can I say about Kobe Lee? She is a beautiful woman who is amazing as both a model and producer of custom videos! I have had the wonderful good fortune of having Kobe star in and produce custom videos for me since November, 2015. Nobody else is able to provide such a professional custom video service that exceeds customer's expectations for quality service and product. Kobe has followed all my script details and suggestions and the result has been custom videos that are high quality and sensual. Kobe patiently puts up with me and my special requests and she is super nice to a fault. She is a consummate professional in the way she does business and she is very easy to work with. I can't say enough about how pleased I have been with our collaborations and with the high quality of the custom videos that Kobe produces. I've had several dozen custom videos produced by Kobe Lee and I have been very happy with all of them. Kobe makes sure that she has everything she needs to produce an excellent product. Kobe is a special, beautiful, professional woman with a heart of gold. I highly recommend her custom video service to anyone who wants to have a wonderful custom video experience from start to finish. Kobe Lee is the best!" - Lee R.

"I had a chance to download and watch the video today. Needless to say, I am highly satisfied! I love how you took my simple idea and filled it in with the dialogue! The outfit was perfect and the setting was excellent. I really loved the table tie and the cage scene. I also loved the way you were tied in the cage. This came out better than I could have anticipated. Thank you! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Excellent work! Thanks again!"

"I have had many customs done by Kobe's Customs and have been very happy with every single one. I was always kept in the loop on my customs and Kobe was very quick to respond to my e-mails. Kobe is open to many fetish types and the pricing is very reasonable. I will definitely be using Kobe and her many other models again in future customs. I absolutely recommend Kobe's Customs for anyone looking for a quality fetish custom clip."

"It was only a few weeks after I initially contacted Kobe for a custom that I received the finished product in my email. I found it to be exactly what I asked for in my script. She paid attention to detail. And throughout the whole process I found Kobe to be very professional. She sent me emails keeping me in loop and always promptly returned the emails that I sent her. Overall I found this to be a very positive experience and I will do it again in the future."

"I have had the privilege of having Kobe do several custom photo shoots for me, starting back in August of 2006. Each one has been done with great care to follow my scripted suggestions and storylines. And, Kobe can also be creative if you leave some of the shoot to her imagination. She will come up with great photos and angles, more than mere meeting expectations.

"Kobe is truly amazing--not only is she beautiful in body and pretty in face--(as any who sees her photos can attest)--but she can also create mood and drama with her facial expressions and body posture. But most of all---I appreciate Kobe's professional approach to doing business. She is the "picture" of integrity and honesty in bidding a job and carrying it out to the client's specification.

"I have read photographers rain praise on her because she is so comfortable in front of the camera---but even rating Kobe as A++ is "underrating" her. She sparkles in front of the camera and her work ethic in attempting to please her clients makes her absolutely unique in the modeling industry.

"Thanks for beautifying the planet, Kobe---not just with your looks--but your personality as well."

"I have ordered 2 wonderful custom videos from Kobe and one is in the wings (She is waiting on me). Not only were the videos what I wanted and asked for, her eye for detail was apparent. When I was vague, on the first DVD, Kobe threw in some ideas that were in line of what I wanted and what worked. Kobe Lee always has her fans/customers in mind. She is very professional and easy to work with. We must remember that Kobe is super busy, yet she gives my video's 100% dedication. The email exchange of prices and scenes were very smooth, prompt, honest and straightforward. Kobe is a beautiful, stunning, sexy southern belle who will do anything, in reason, to please her fans. She has pleased me with these high quality masterpieces. I recommend Ms. Kobe Lee to anyone who wants a wonderful, fully thought out video by a beautiful professional woman. Kobe is simply the greatest. Period. Her expressions are amazing. Her body is incredible, but after working with her on your video; her personality is special. And she knows that she has a standing order from me (as soon as I get the resources) but a video from Kobe Lee is definitely worth the investment."

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